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A university usually has so many students who study and follow different varieties of subjects, degrees and programs. The quality education gained from such places is also called quality higher education. With the recognition and standards of education their quality increases. However it has to be understood that universities are not limited only for educational purposes. There are so many entertainment and charity events in the university organized and conducted by senor students. These are essential for their stressed minds. Usually, every university has a student council and the president, secretary and the treasurer of the council are the main roles of the university and with their consent and support these programs are organized. When organizing such an event the members of the council and other students have to find sponsors for the event and the process of planning and conducting is a new experience for them. Also, they learn so many life tips and gain more knowledge on how to organize a program as such. Therefore it can be seen that they too add more light and knowledge to their lives and that it is essential to develop the community skills of the students.

Many charity events are planned for the betterment of an innocent soul or innocent, economically challenged people and children. Prior to these events they organize fund raising campaigns in order to find money for these charity events. Therefore they do dramas and concerts inside the university allowing the public to come and watch. Marketing and advertising of these event s are done properly and accurately using event printing and other necessary articles as more the tickets they sell more the funds get raised.

Moreover using a car sticker that has all the information about the event, many other stickers as such are printed and sold among the students and that too is considered as fund raising. Entertainment events are mainly focused on concerts and talent shows. The reason is every university has talented students and their talents differ from one to other. Therefore all of their talents are showcased on this day and it is actually a good deed for the students as well.

Furthermore, mountain climbing, day trips and batch trips are also organized when the exam season is over, therefore these programs have to be properly appreciated as not everyone has the capacity to conduct such social events and automatically the university becomes famous and a great place to be at because having only education is not worth it at all.