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Do you want a grand celebration? But don’t you have enough money? Everyone wants a great celebration in their wedding. Wedding ceremony does not always demand a heavy amount of money. Instead of spending so much money you can cover it up within a limited amount.

Wedding celebration starts with an invitation card. When you are worrying about how much it will cost in printing letterpress wedding invitations, here are some tips for you to save money on wedding invitation card.

When you have decided to select a wedding card within your budget do a research. A nice designed card is not always means an expensive one. You can find less expensive designs in wedding cards, but for that you need to survey. In that case you need to survey in a proper manner. First make a list of those designers and sites that sell poster prints, wedding invitations, and then compare their designs. Now, choose one or two according to your budget.

However select your wedding card according to budget. There are several types of beautiful papers used in wedding cards. But these papers are quite expensive. Instead of using those expensive papers, you may use “matting”, a paper which will affix a special touch to the wedding card. It is a fine paper which is more high-priced than any other average printer or photo paper. Apart from this fine paper use heavy paper which provides a unique finish.

Try to print those cards through digital machine rather than using methods, like letterpress or thermography. This will save your money. Besides, digital print allows ample of choices in colour and you can have slimmer cards at the same time.

Shorten the invitation letter. Some printing houses charge according to single words. While you have to save money, concise the letter with all information. Cut the details of reception and directly start with the main invitation. Some people do not like to read a long invitation card, rather they like to read cards which are short in size but concrete in details. But you should not forget to include the direction to reach venue and the details of functions in the card.

If you need to send some wedding cards by post, then perhaps you need to spend a huge amount of money. In that case we recommend you to select a company that offers you a physical proof so that you may have them likened and measured to see if it will demand more postage before you place your final order.